About Us

Intuvie is proud to serve hundreds of thousands of patients every day. From software that integrates medical devices to the hospital EMR and infusion pumps that deliver therapies to patients, we are found in all facets of healthcare delivery.

From our humble beginnings to our now prevalent position in the market, we are ready to embark on the next challenge. That challenge is to drive transformation of the healthcare system to a place where patients are in control of their therapy and decide when, where, and how they receive healthcare services.

Our name

Through Life

Intuvie means “Through Life”. This is a literal translation of the Latin and French roots of the name. As a company who provides medical devices that are intended to make people healthy and continue their livelihood, the Intuvie brand purpose is to be approachable and comfortable in the context of both products and the users, including patients and clinicians.

The Intuvie name also connects to other keywords that embody our brand identity. We are Innovative. Our design principles center on leveraging innovative technology to simplify complex processes to help clinicians achieve optimal workflow. Our products are intuitive, designed for ease of use and simplicity by both clinicians and patients.

Mission and vision


Our mission is to deliver both simplicity and control of infusions through ease of use, portability, affordability, and safety-driven designs that can be used by patients and clinicians alike.


Our vision is that of a healthcare system where patients are in control of their therapy and can take a more active role in when, where, and how they engage in healthcare services.


At Intuvie, our core values are integral to how we operate as a team for the collective good of clinicians, patients, partners, and each other. They define our ethos and guide us each and every day—through every internal meeting, partner interaction, and encounter with our clinician and patient customers.

Ownership and accountability

We take ownership and are accountable for the task at hand. We don’t make excuses and we never say “not my problem”. We are stakeholders in the company's success and we are fixated on our customers.

Bias for action

We act quickly. We make judgment calls if needed. We err on speed to decide while mitigating risk. We recognize that we will never have all the information to make a perfect decision, but are agile enough to course correct if needed.

Earn trust

By listening and delivering results, we seek to earn the trust of our customers, our partners, the market, and each other. We earn this trust through our bias for action and humility, and by recognizing that we aren’t always right and must occasionally change direction.

Deliver results

We strive for excellence and deliver them in a timely and efficient way. We are resourceful and don’t allow roadblocks or resource limitations to hinder progress or results.

We have grown and evolved significantly in our 20 years in business.

Device connectivity

We connect nearly half-a-million devices to our infrastructure platform—representing some of the largest hospitals in the US.

Large volume pumps

Tens of thousands of large volume pumps have been sold since 2008. Almost all are still in active use, running millions of infusions per year.

Ambulatory pumps

Tens of thousands of ambulatory pumps have been sold since 2016.

Our company structure

Intuvie Holdings LLC is the legal entity that oversees several distinct business lines.

Care Everywhere LLC is an independently operated software business, which began in 2003 and today connects nearly half-a-million devices to our infrastructure and hospital EMRs.

Zyno Medical LLC is an independently operated, FDA-registered medical device company who designs and manufactures the Z-800 line of large volume infusion pumps and accessories.

InfuTronix LLC is an independently operated, FDA-registered medical device company who designs and manufactures the Nimbus line of ambulatory infusion pumps and accessories.

Intuvie LLC is an independently operated, distribution business who delivers infusion pumps and accessories to market both direct and through distribution partners.

Our humble beginnings

We started small but had big ideas. Our story began as a small healthcare software company—serving just one customer. Nearly two decades later, we are proud to serve our thousands of partners by providing healthcare products and services to half a million patients every day.

It started with a team of three software developers. Their expertise attracted a partnership with a device manufacturer to develop a software platform to connect their devices to the hospital EMR. The company was born.


Care Everywhere software development began

Care Everywhere began with a team of three consultants whose focus was hospital IT systems integration. The team’s expertise led to a unique partnership with a medical device manufacturer to develop a software platform that integrates devices to our infrastructure and hospital EMRs.


The team’s exposure to the inner workings of infusion pumps led to a realization that there was an unmet market opportunity. There was a need for a simple, durable infusion pump specifically for alternate care settings where clinical efficiency was paramount. After several years of development, the first of the Z-800 pump series arrived.


After the Z-800 series established a vibrant customer base, the goal of clinical efficiency was advanced further. ZynoFlo—a software platform purpose-built for oncology clinics—was released by Zyno Medical. It integrated the Z-800W pump to the clinic's scheduling, records management, and billing systems.

The first of Nimbus

As the company continued their market sensing, they saw a need for further innovation around a light-weight, portable (ambulatory) infusion pump. With a design goal of a pump “smaller and lighter than the original iPhone”, Nimbus I was born.

Distribution partnerships established

To better serve the alternate care market and expand our reach, several strategic distribution agreements were signed. We are proud to continue working with major companies like Henry Schein, Right Way Medical, Integrated Medical Systems and others within our partner ecosystem.

Nimbus II 510K approval from FDA

As our ambulatory pump, Nimbus, gained market traction, we received requests to adapt it further for other therapies and markets. We innovated based on the original design and enhanced its capabilities for areas like pain management with the addition of bolus and other infusion modes. Nimbus II was approved for the market.

Major biopharma partnership established

With a foundation of expertise in infusion pumps (control systems, integration software, electronic hardware, and mechanical systems), we partnered with a global biopharma company to develop a product for one of their key therapies.

Companies rebranded as Intuvie

As we continued to grow, our vision was to simplify our go-to market structure and portfolio of offerings to better serve our customers and partners. We worked to consolidate company branches into a single structure. Intuvie was established to help realize that vision.

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