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Products Overview

Our product portfolio addresses many facets of infusion therapy delivered in clinics and at home.

Infusion pumps

Z-800 series

Z-800 series is an easy-to-use large-volume infusion system that is designed to support productive clinical workflow.

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Nimbus II

Nimbus II’s lightweight and compact design is built to empower patients to live their lives uninterrupted during treatment.

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Sets and accessories

Both the Z-800 series and Nimbus II come with a wide variety of administration sets and accessories for particular use cases and clinical settings.

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IV bag

Pouch bag

IV bag

Bolus cord

Purchase options

Products can be purchased several different ways to meet your specific procurement needs. This includes purchasing from Intuvie directly or from our distribution partners. Please discuss your specific needs and available options with your Intuvie account manager.
Outright purchase with net 30-day payment terms.
Capital lease through distribution partners.
Committed rental program through distribution partners.
Other financing and purchase options are also available.


We provide video training and educational resources to help clinicians and patients learn more about Intuvie products.